Guide to Labradoodles

Labradoodle InformationWelcome to our Guide to Labradoodles! One of the most popular dogs around these days is the Labradoodle. There isn’t a day that goes by at our local dog park where you don’t see a Labradoodles playing. People who own Labradoodles can’t stop talking about how great their personalities are, how nice it is to have a dog that doesn’t shed terribly, and how nice it is to have a dog that doesn’t bother their allergies. So, with all the rave reviews, what is the Labradoodle really all about anyway? Why are so many people adding one to their family?

The Basics

The Labradoodle at beginning stages is really just a cross between a Poodle and a Lab. It is sometimes called a hybrid dog, or a backcross. However, there are many variations of the breed, most depending on the amount of Labrador or Poodle in the Labradoodles lines, and how many generations deep the Labradoodles lines are. While there is much controversy regarding where the Labradoodle first originated, it is commonly claimed that the Labradoodle was first bred in 1989 in Australia, by a breeder named Wally Conron. Regardless of where the Labradoodle came from, or who first bred it, it is here to stay and loved by countless many American families.

Labradoodle Advantages

There are many great reasons why the Labradoodle was first bred. Among them are; to eliminate shedding and allergy problems, combine the overall gentleness and train-ability of the Lab and Poodle, and to use them as Guide, Assistance and Therapy Dogs. These are some of the same reasons people buy Labradoodles today, and why they are some immensely popular in the US.

Labradoodle Personalities

Labradoodles make great family pets as they typically get along great with kids and other common household pets. Their personalities can vary depending on the parentage, and how the Labradoodle was raised as a puppy. A lot of Labradoodle owners say that their Labradoodles are sweet, fun loving and very in tune to the family. While they love to go out and play fetch, they also love to relax in the house at your feet or sleep in the bed with you. One of my families Labradoodles actually lets our Toy Poodle sleep on his back when he is lying down!

Where To Find Labradoodles

If you are interested in adding a Labradoodle to your family, look for a high quality Labradoodle Breeder in your area. Be sure to visit the breeder’s facilities and if you are comfortable with the Labradoodle Breeder, ask for help in picking the puppy with the right personality for your family.

Labradoodle Information Article Provided By: Mountain Creek Labradoodles, a Labradoodle Breeder in South Carolina.