Mini Labradoodle, Medium Labradoodles?

Mini Labradoodle, Medium Labradoodles, HUGE Labradoodles!

If you have been looking into getting a Labradoodle for any amount of time then you are quite familiar with the fact that Labradoodles come in many different sizes. And, it seems as though breeders do not always agree on the size definitions. For example, one breeder may consider a Mini Labradoodle to be from 10 pounds to 50 pounds, where as another breeder may consider the Mini Labradoodle to be in the 10-25 pound range.

A lot of times a breeder will tell you to expect the Labradoodle to end up around one weight, and you end up with a Labradoodle a totally different weight! It can be confusing and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be! Our guide below details the general weight ranges you can expect when looking for a Labradoodle puppy. Not all breeders will go by these specifications, so make sure you ask what the expect weight range is and then refer to this guide.

If you are worried about asking for a Mini Labradoodle and ending up with a Mini Horse, then be sure to ask the breeder for the parent’s weights. This will give you a rough estimate, but is still not a guaranteed way to know what size your Labradoodle puppy will end up being. Most reputable breeders will try to be up front and honest with you about the parents, and the past litters final weights. But guaranteeing a weight is something they simply can not do as it can vary with each litter.

Here are the three most common Labradoodle sizes:

Standard: 50lbs and up
Medium: 25lbs – 50lbs
Miniature: 10-25lbs

Hopefully this guide will help you make the best buying decision for your family. However, if you know the parents weight and the breeder has shared the general weight range of past litters, yet you still end up with a Labradoodle that is bigger or smaller than you asked for, know that it is not up to the breeder or his/her fault. If you do you due diligence, you should be OK. And if your Mini Labradoodle is more like a Mini Horse, I bet you will love him/her just the same!

Article Provided By: Mountain Creek Labradoodles, a Labradoodle Breeder in South Carolina.